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I Lost My Conjugals Over Soap
Back No. 10960
10|05|12 - 22:24 - 55 "Prison Break" icons
Prison Break *MiSu Hug*

Now THIS was a WHOLE LOT of work, since it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to find "Prison Break" Screencaps at all... in the end I was like "fuck it" and took my DVDs out and capped the scenes I needed myself. *lol* I don't regret that I chose Prison Break - OF COURSE - even though I haven't made ANY Prison Break artwork in YEARS, but well... I still love the show and rewatching some scenes made me go "awwwwwwwwww" a lot... for example the scene in Season 2 where Sucre almost drowned and Michael wouldn't leave his side, no matter what... *sighs*

Long story short... my claim for Round 23 of tvcrush20in20 was "Prison Break" and I managed to finish my claim today... being unemployeed has it's benefits, huh? :p


07|02|09 - 04:45(no subject)
Wentworth Miller (lips)
[01-16] Prison Break
[17-32] Sarah Wayne Callies
[33-48] Wentworth Miller
[49-56] Jensen Ackles
[57-64] Supernatural
[65-72] Jared Padalecki
[73-80] Amaury Nolasco
[81-88] Josh Hartnett
[89-96] Kate Beckinsale
[97-104] Ryan Sheckler
[105-112] Milo Ventimiglia
[113-120] RBD
[121-128] Britney Spears
[129-144] Disney
[145-152] Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
[153-168] Stock: Cupcakes, Sweets, Puppies, NYC
[169-178] Banners

(fallow me...)
06|17|09 - 16:01 - #34: Prison Break
[x2] Amaury Nolasco (Fernando Sucre)
[x2] Dominic Purcell (Linc Burrows)
[x4] Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield)

[x1] Wentworth Miller


You can find the rest HERE!
06|14|09 - 21:09 - Icons - Finale Break
spn - tandem!sam+dean

39x Prison Break Icons - Finale Break
4x Extra Teddy Icons


the rest HERE @lanovalicious
Code Black - Angus/Mario *HUG*
Heya... :-)

I was kinda creative again and made a new batch of icons, 89 at all... Mostly Kyle XY (mostly Kyle/Jessie), and there are also some Icons from Benny and Daniel, 2 of the German Idol candidates included :-) And some Amaury Nolasco Icons!

I really hope, oyu like them... :-)

48x Kyle XY (Kyle/Jessie MOSTLY, Spoilers till 3x10)
04x Amaury Nolasco
09x Benny Kieckhäben
10x Benny/Daniel
18x Daniel Schuhmacher
89 Total


Follow me, to see all 89 Icons
# Manipulation: Fernando Sucre: Muy Caliente Papy!

Title: Muy Caliente Papy!
Fandom: Prison Break
Character(s)/Pairing: Fernando Sucre
Warning: R, Not-Worksafe!!!!, Full Frontal Nudity
About: It's way too hot in Panama, so Sucre gets rid of his clothes =P btw...he's gifted!!


Full Size Manip Here! )
01|15|09 - 14:48 - Amaury + Jennifer Picspam
I just posted here at my journal a picspam of all the various pictures of Jen and Amaury, so come take a look!

01|02|09 - 15:52(no subject)
cast | aaron paul
[01-11] Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
[12-16] Natasha Bedingfield
[17-41] Lost
[42-75] Prison Break (season 1)

HERE @ wicked_signs
12|22|08 - 12:50 - Various events
cast | aaron paul
Most of them are HQ, not all of them though :)

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